I have missed my balcony. I don’t remember when I was last here. All that comes to my mind is that I used to be here at twilight and sometimes in the nights. I would come here when life gives a throwback. This place reminds me of my childhood. It rekindles my happy memories. The gleaming moon hangs low in the starry night. It’s a picturesque. It brings a brimming pleasure to view but this can’t calm my troubled mind.

More often I have attempted to create posts here but I end up deleting just before completion. Earlier in childhood we were taught that we trust our instincts. Somehow,they said,it’s our soul speaking to us. One part of me always said that I should exploit myself to full potential,that I loved creative writing and I ought to exercise it here. It continued to say that this is a gift endowed to few and I should not misuse it. The contrasting part of my mind that always triumphs interrupts those thoughts, “Aziz, don’t be silly! Where did you study literature?” The aftermath is one of the mistakes of my life that I live by.

I am not certain whether this one today will also follow the same path. I wish I know this side of me that always triumphs. I will follow that path more diligently and with a renewed vigor each and every day to put my thoughts in words. I guess it will give an insight to my way of thinking and view about the world when tomorrow dawns.